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Quoting a big project?

Currently buying for a big project?

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Save time and money by letting us shop around for the best prices on your behalf.

The biggest companies in Australia have whole divisions dedicated to asking multiple suppliers for prices before they order. It is considered standard practise because of the money they save.

Buying off one or two wholesalers is a mug's game. You can never really be sure if you are getting the right price.

But a lot of small and medium sized companies aren't doing this. It is just too time consuming and expensive. If they do have dedicated staff they need to worry about the high cost of wages and the possibility of corruption and complacency. The overheads required are massive.

We are here to help.

M and R Procurement is a FREE service designed to help you overcome this barrier. It's as simple as giving us a list of what you want a price on and we will do all the hard work.

How it Works

Step 1 - Sign Up
The first step is to sign up - you can do this by filling in the sign up form at the bottom of this page, or by contacting our head office on (07) 4061 9552.

Step 2 - Set up your own procurement email
Set up an email address that looks like it is part of your company - something like "" or "".

Step 3 - Send requests to us
When you sign up we will give you an email address that you can contact us on. When you have a project you want pricing on you can send us an email with a list of the goods you want.

Step 4 - We do the hard work for you
We will contact your wholesalers from the email address you have set up, asking them for quotations. Our staff will be careful to make it appear that they are working for your company.

Wholesalers never come back to you in a timely fashion, and so we will keep hassling them until we get the answers we want.

When we have a list of quotes from your wholesalers we will go through the quotes and pick out the best prices from each one. We will compile a report with the cheapest options and send this to you.

Step 5 (Optional)* - Order the Goods
If you require, on your behalf we will order the goods from your suppliers.

Step 6 (Optional)* - Track Your Order
We know just how frustrating it can be when goods you have ordered don't show up or show up late. Your job is delayed, you look unprofessional and it is all because a dim-witted counter jockey forgot to take your order.

Our staff have systems in place so that regular checks are made with wholesalers. Orders are not forgotten, orders are tracked so items are not lost and wholesalers are generally nagged until your goods are delivered.

Step 7 (Optional)* - Return Faulty Goods
On large projects it is inevitable that items will be faulty. Wrangling with wholesalers to return goods can be time consuming and a nuisance.

Fortunately, we can provide this service for you. Simply send us the faulty goods. We will correlate them with the purchase orders from suppliers and try to get you the replacements or credits that you are entitled to.

* These optionals services will attract a small fee of $20 + GST per hour, and is charged in increments of 6 minutes so that you don't pay too much

What this service is not

This service is not designed for everyday consumables or urgently required items. Our service cannot respond fast enough to enquiries of this nature. It is designed to save you money on big purchases by shopping around.

The following 2 examples are a good example of when to not use our service:
"Jim used the M and R Procurement Service to order 1000m of cable and conduit for a project he had. While on the job he    realised he had forgotten to order cable glands. He needed the glands that day."

"Steve was managing a job with 6 electricians working on a set of apartments. Initially they had ordered 5,000 cable ties for the job but that was looking like it may not have been enough. He needed to order a few more packets in the next week or two."

Orders like these are best suited to your most trusted, reliable wholesaler. Time is of the essence, and in cases like this (smaller orders) there is usually only a small benefit to be had by shopping around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the minimum size project?

The minimum job we will provide this service for is $3,000. That being said, we are reasonable people and we won't mind if the price comes to slightly under this.

What is the maximum size project?

Our maximum job is $10 million. After this size it would probably be more appropriate to hire your own staff to perform this function.

How much does this service cost?

Finding the best prices and compiling a report for you is totally free. There is no joining fee and we can assist in the technical side of things (like setting up a new email address) as well.

Other services (ordering the goods, tracking orders, handling returned items etc) are charged at a very affordable hourly rate of $20 + GST per hour in increments of 6 minutes. This is less than minimum wage! We keep a careful record of all time spent so that you can see exactly where your money is going.

What's the catch? How does this benefit you?
The reason we can offer this free service is that it gives us an opportunity to also quote on the same project. This way everybody wins - you save time and money and we have the potential for more business.

How do I know you won't just give your own pricing?
We provide you a list of all the quotations that were received from other suppliers. You are free to double check our final report at any time to see if we have made any errors or if you are not satisfied.

We want to remain totally transparent and 100% professional. M and R has never been interested in shonky behaviour and wants to remain that way.

Why don't you just undercut your competition all the time?
We are a business, and every business needs to make a profit. Every wholesaler has minimum margins that they need to make to offset risks - things like changes in pricing or customers not paying their bills.

If we can't make these minimum margins on a sale then we just aren't interested in making the sale - let our competitors take that risk.

What about product lead times / delivery times?
If delivery times and lead times are a problem, just let us know when you request a price. We will factor this into our final report.

Sign Up

Please fill in the form below to sign up for this service.

By signing up to this service you agree to our Procurement Terms and Conditions. You can view these by clicking here.

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