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Are you worried about your job security?
Do you fear having your hours cut or worse still being made redundant?
If you lost your job how would you make your mortgage repayments and cover the basic costs of living?

In these uncertain economic times we all want to feel secure in our jobs and confident we can provide for our families. Perhaps you do feel secure in your job but you are frustrated with the same routine day in, day out. You get up early, go to work, slog away and no one notices. Do you feel unappreciated for the long hours you put in on the tools and all you do is make your boss richer?


Maybe there's another way

Introducing M and R Electrical Wholesaling

As an M and R franchisee we don't want you to work for someone else pulling wires through ceilings or working hard yakka in the middle of summer just to scrape by. At M and R most of the work is done in a comfortable air conditioned environment.


M and R Storefront


NO more worrying about job security because at M and R YOU are the boss! But even better is that you have the security in knowing that there is an experienced franchise team ready to back you up at every stage.


Stop slaving away just to make somebody else a lot of money. Owning an M and R franchise lets YOU keep the PROFITS that YOUR company makes.


Say goodbye to the stress and fear that starting your own business brings. M and R have done the hard yards for you. We have the systems, the products and the expertise in place to make this an easy transition.


Imagine feeling the sense of personal satisfaction and pride that comes with owning your own business, as well as a level of respect you will gain from your local community.

About M and R Electrical Wholesaling

M and R Electrical Wholesaling was founded by Matthew and Ronald Jacobs in 2010. It originally started as a way to provide better prices to electricians and the general public, while at the same time providing a level of service that was superior to their competitors.


Starting with stock of just $5,000 in the front room of their house, the business quickly grew. A little more than a year later the organisation had business premises, staff and almost $100,000 in stock - and the best part was that it was all funded by PROFIT from the business.


The huge potential of the business soon became apparent and how it could be applied to other areas around the country.


"M and R has great prices. I'm always shocked at how much cheaper some of their products are than their competitors. That and they are always very helpful. They will always go out of their way to source something strange for me, when the other guys would put it in the too-hard-basket." - Ben Austin, PW Austin Electrical Pty Ltd

M and R Shelves

What Makes us an Attractive Business?

Our Business has 4 unque qualities that distinguish us from other electrical wholesalers:

We believe in good old fashioned service. If you've been in any trade or industrial industry you'll know service is often pretty poor. Most wholesalers and suppliers have their branches run by managers - whose only focus is their paycheque at the end of the week. Because our branches are owner operated, it is in their interest to run the branch well and give great customer service. That's why our customers come back and buy from us again and again and again.
We are not restricted by the products we sell. The staff in large wholesalers are told by management what brands to push. We let the franchisee make that decision. Different locations require different products, and different locations will use different brands. We won't tie you into using a product that you don't like just because upper management did a deal with somebody. This gives us the competitive edge.
We have efficient and modern business systems. Our custom designed software is easy and efficient to use (even if you have never used a computer before) and makes running the business a breeze. We also supply very extensive product manuals and backup support from the franchisor. This means that you don't need any previous experience to be in this business.

"When I started at M and R I didn't know a single thing about the electrical industry. With their training manuals and easy to use software I was able to start serving customers within a week. After 4 months I could comfortably manage the store while the boss was away." - Lauren Farnsworth, salesperson, Innisfail Branch

M and R Shelves

Recruitment Process

M and R Electrical Wholesaling is a modern, successful business which is rapidly expanding. Our professionalism and company image are very important and so it is important that we choose our franchisees wisely.


We have a thorough process as we only recruit the best franchisees. This is because we are committed to them doing extremely well in our franchise system.


If you'd like to join our dynamic and growing team, here's what you need to do:
    1. Fill out the questionnaire (which you can get by clicking here)
    2. Fill out the confidentiality agreement (which you can get by clicking here)
    3. Indicate to us the best time to contact you and go through the franchise selection process in more detail.



You can scan and email these to or mail these to the following address:
     M and R Electrical Wholesaling
     P.O. Box 2260
     Innisfail, Qld, 4860


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Great Priced Products

Heavy Duty Extension Lead

  • - 15A Rating
  • - 30m length
  • - Heavy Duty Cable
$46 + GST

32W Circular Tube

  • - Daylight Colour
  • - T8
$6.50 + GST

Cable Ties - 370mm x 8mm

  • - 100 per pack
  • - 50kg capacity
  • - UV resistant
$12.23 + GST