Hello. My name is Matt. I’m the “M” part of M and R. My father (Ron) is the “R” part. 

My father is an electrician. My best friend is an electrician. Most of the people I know are electricians. Please don’t hold that against me!

My father and I started M and R in 2010 because we were frustrated with the electrical wholesalers that we had to deal with. We were getting poor service, being charged outrageous prices and had to accept the cronyism when it came to large projects. 

I grew up in Innisfail. The people who live there are for the most part not wealthy. People work long hours and work hard. We felt it wasn’t right that the community was being ripped off by a multi-billion dollar foreign owned conglomerate, so we decided to do something about it. 

Since 2010 our business has grown and become a staple supplier of electrical equipment for the general public and local electricians. We continually strive to provide the best service and provide the best prices to our community. 

Buy local and save!